Robby Boney

Robby is an enthusiastic advisor with expertise in software, science, AI, and philosophy. An experienced Python programmer and music producer, he also has a background in auditory regeneration bioinformatics. Robby is dedicated to enhancing the world through technology and strong interpersonal relationships, always striving to go the extra mile in his collaborative efforts.

Eric Preisz

Eric is an Operating Partner at Graham Software, leading AI and software strategies that enhance portfolio companies. He has expertise in SaaS, marketing automation, CRM implementations, and custom software development. Eric is also a former CEO at GarageGames and GradeCam, and the founder of C2C Simulation, which serves clients like NASA and Disney. A thought leader in tech, Eric has coauthored “Video Game Optimization” and spoken at various industry events. He holds a degree in computer science from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Vincent Rosen

Vincent is an experienced enterprise sales professional with a focus on cloud and on-premise solutions. His expertise includes full sales cycle management and the integration of AI into business applications. At Oracle, he led the adoption of diverse solutions, enhancing them with AI for improved efficiency and innovation. Vincent is passionate about driving transformative tech in business, aiming for exceptional customer outcomes.