Workshop Overview:
This workshop offers an in-depth exploration of Generative AI (GenAI), with a specific focus on Large Language Models (LLMs). Participants will gain a comprehensive conceptual framework to effectively utilize LLMs, enhancing their capabilities in software solutions that incorporate these advanced models.

Key Learning Objectives:

Understand The Hype: Discuss the current supercycle and the undercurrents driving it using the insights to better predict the impact on businesses.

Core Systems of LLMs: Delve into the fundamental components of Large Language Models, going beyond prompt engineering to understand the underlying systems that power LLMs.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Learn about RAG systems and how they enhance the functionality of LLMs, particularly in handling proprietary business data.

Integration of Business Data with LLMs: Acquire practical skills to integrate your company’s unique data into LLM-based systems, enabling the extraction of valuable insights and informed decision-making.

Real-World Applications: Explore diverse examples of how GenAI is being used in domains like marketing, sales, and productivity..

Target Audience:
This workshop is ideal for technical founders, senior managers, and technical professionals aiming to leverage LLMs in their business operations. We encourage participation in pairs, bringing together a strategic and a technical perspective for maximum benefit.

Participants will leave with a robust understanding of Large Language Models, equipped with the knowledge to use existing GenAI tools or begin a pilot program of integrating GenAI into their business practices. The workshop aims to foster a deeper comprehension of GenAI, enabling attendees to harness its full potential for business innovation and strategic advantage.

Meet The Presenter

Eric is an Operating Partner at a private family office equity firm, where his role includes a focus on the emerging field of generative AI. This new interest builds on his extensive experience in CPU and GPU optimization, topics on which he has previously served as a course director and author.

Eric combines a practical and forward-thinking approach in his work, recognizing generative AI as a significant opportunity for businesses to boost productivity and streamline processes across diverse departments. His deep expertise in CPU and GPU optimization is well-established, evidenced by his presentations at Microsoft Research and various industry conferences. Beyond his technical acumen, Eric brings a balanced perspective from his experience in multiple CEO and board advisory roles, enriching his insights into the application of technology in business leadership and strategy.

In this workshop, Eric aims to share his understanding of generative AI, drawing on his background in technical optimization and his insights into its application in business environments.